Our vision is that of an Eastern European hub in medical technology, where future and present innovators and leaders come together to learn from, and connect with each other, build new projects and make informed decisions on all their MedTech interests and projects.

SSIMA is now the largest and highest level Summer School in Imaging with Medical Applications in Eastern Europe.

The dynamic growth of Eastern Europe and accompanying opportunities for growth in the information society, particularly in Romania, have inspired the founders of SSIMA to invest in building a foundation for cultivating and developing these opportunities.

How to begin?  As “they” say: “everything starts with education”.

And so an ambitious project to create an annual scientific event in Romania -at the highest level of academia world-wide-, was born.

Its first task was to connect Eastern European academics to world-level academics, exchange ideas and viewpoints, and to create a network of individuals with the same academic interests.

Now, after several years of increasingly successful editions of SSIMA as a mostly scientific event (even receiving in 2018, as the first event in Eastern Europe, an official endorsement by the MICCAI Society), the next step is to bring together in a structured way, the already existing network of MedTech experts with business leaders and policy makers.

In order to ensure that future generations will continue to develop in MedTech, it is also necessary to look farther into the future. This is the idea behind SSIMA:High School : that SSIMA may continue to contribute to the MedTech community, by reaching out and to inspire a passion for Medical Technology that will encourage continuous growth in this field for generations to come.

With the above-mentioned evolution, our vision is now closer than ever. Visit SSIMA to get really up-to-date in this rapidly evolving field, especially due to the successes of artificial intelligence, by world-class lecturers, and benefit from the fruitful interdisciplinary mix of technical, medical, business and management speakers.

We are proud to present to you SSIMA 2019, Re:Imagine Healthcare, the first edition of SSIMA as a Festival of Innovation in MedTech, and hope we will meet you at one of our events this year!

Elena Ovreiu
Bart ter Haar Romeny
Alfred Bruckstein